• Warner-Curtiss unveiled

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    A. P. Warner first flew his airplane on November 4, 1909. The airplane was lost in a hangar fire sometime around 1914. Between those dates, thousands viewed the airplane, a majority of them saw it fly.

    Warner-Curtiss exhibit, Wisconsin Aviation Conference

    On Tuesday, May 5, 2009, the airplane became visible once again. This time the Warner-Curtiss is smaller (1/4 scale) and it will never fly, but the hundreds who viewed it that day were as filled with awe as those who saw the original. The Wisconsin Aviation Conference, May 4-6 in Eau Claire, provided the perfect venue for the first public appearance of the model. Nearly 300 aviation professionals were in attendance and most all of them stopped to look at, study, and appreciate the craftsmanship in construction.

    Rose Dorcey, WAHF president, told the A. P. Warner story during the event’s banquet. She also shared details of WAHF’s Wisconsin Centennial of Flight celebration and how to participate. Visit the WAHF website to learn where you can join in the celebration.

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