Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame
1989 Induction Ceremony
Saturday, October 28, 1989

EAA Aviation Center
Oshkosh WI

5:30 PM Social Hour
6:30 PM Dinner and Ceremony

The event moved for its fourth induction ceremony - to a Saturday evening. The move was made to encourage more participation in the event. The plan must have worked as attendance was up by nearly 50 percent. Another change would see not three individuals inducted but four, with twin brothers Dale and Dean Crites being inducted together.

The evening maintained its standard schedule of a no-host social hour followed by dinner and the induction ceremony. Master of Ceremony details again fell to Dave Duax who was then president of the organization.

After dinner and a welcome by President Duax, Archie Becher, Chairman of the Wisconsin Council on Aeronautics, talked of support for the goals of the organization. WAHF Director Earl Pingel introduced inductee Dale Crites who was followed by WAHF Director Bob Sather introducing Dean Crites. Next, WAHF Secretary Carl Guell introduced his long-time co-worker and now WAHF inductee Fritz Wolf. Chuck Marotske, WAHF Vice-President, shared the accomplishments of General Hoyt Vandenberg, he then read an acceptance letter sent by the General's sons.

Three previous inductees were in attendance - S. J. 'Steve' Wittman (86), Paul Poberezny (86), and Howard Morey (87). Special speaker for the evening was Colonel Richard (Steve) Ritchie. Col. Ritchie, a 1964 graduate of the Air Force Academy, earned the designation - ace after shooting down five MIG-21 enemy aircraft during his 339 combat missions over Vietnam.

More images of the evening's festivities can be seen on the next page.


WAHF President David Duax (left) and Secretary Carl Guell
WAHF President David Duax (left)
and Secretary Carl Guell
(WAHF photo)

Colonel Steve Ritchie join 1989 WAHF inductees
Ace Colonel Steve Ritchie (left)
join 1989 inductees Fritz Wolf,
Dale and Dean Crites
(WAHF photo)
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