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Hall of HonorIndividually the honored inductees of the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame (WAHF) have accomplished much. Collectively they have contributed greatly to all of aviation. Every user of today's aviation industry are beneficiaries of the knowledge, perseverance, and sacrifices of those who have gone before us.

Join us in honoring the men and women who have made aviation what it is today. Browse the pages of each WAHF inductee to learn more about their lives and their achievements. We are sure that you will agree that they have made a difference in aviation.

The WAHF Hall of Honor celebrates the lives and contributions of each of our inductees. The Hall of Honor is located just outside the Goldwater Conference Room on the lower level of the EAA AirVenture Museum located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Current year inductees are recognized in the Kohler Plaza in the museum's foyer. We encourage everyone to visit the Hall of Honor to learn even more about these individuals.

Abernathy, Joe
Adams, Bill
Basler, Warren
Baum, Jeff
Behncke, David
Bong, Richard
Bordeleau, Bill
Brabazon, Jesse
Brandenstein, Dan 
Brennand, Bill 
Brotz, Anton  
Cassiman, Paul
Chaplin, Harry

Clarke, Robert 
Collins, Paul 
Conant, Rellis
Corben, Orland 
Crites, Dean and Dale
Cudahy, George
Culver, Paul
Donovan, Dan
Drahn, Pete
Ebneter, Arnold

Egtvedt, Clairmont 
Esse, Duane
Ferris, Collins

Flatley, James
Gaier, Harold "Duffy"
Gibson, Darrel
Gnauck, Paul 
Godske, Carlyle  
Goebel, Robert
Gorak, Gregory
Griffin, LaVerne
Guell, Carl
Hamilton, Tom
Hanusa, Richard
Hardie, George 
Hardrath, Herbert

Harman-Walraven, Ruth
Hauser, Jean
Hedeen, Ed

Hegy, Tom
Henkelmann, Archie 
Higgins, Francis
Hoeksema, Tim
Huggins, Ralph and Robert 
Igou, James
Jerstad, John
Johns, Paul
Johnson, Sam 
Jonas, LeRoy
Jones, Robert
Kaminski, John
Kapus, Jeannette
Knaup, James, Ray, Ed

Knobloch, Richard 
Knutson, Richard
Kohler Sr, Walter 
Kunkel, Robert
Larson, Leonard 
Larson, Roy 
Lawson, Alfred
Lee, Clyde
Lee, Noble

Lees, Walter
Lotzer, Bill 
Lovell, Jim 
Lutz, Richard
McArdle, Michael
McEldowney, Wendell 
Maitland, Lester  
Mehlhaff, Jerry
Meisenheimer, Giles
Mitchell, Billy
Mitscher, Marc

Morey, Field  
Morey, Howard 

O'Brien, Warren
Orlady, Harry 
Parod, Libby 
Pingel, Earl
Poberezny, Paul

Poberezny, Tom
Reabe, Roy  
Reeve, Robert 
Reller, Vern
Rewey, Bill

Rindlisbacher, Carl  
Salmon, Herman
Salzer, John

Scholl, Art 
Schwister, John
Scott, Ron
Shalbreck, Steve
Shwery, Roy 
Sijan, Lance 
Skuldt, Robert  
Slayton, Deke
Straubel, Austin
Stuckey, Robert
Sullivan, Dennis
Szajkovics, Jim
Thomas, Tom
Thompson, Melvin 
Towle, Archie & Scheutte, Marie 
Twining, Nathan 
Vandenberg, Hoyt
Van Galder, Russ & Marjorie 
Vehlow, Charles
Vilas, Jack
Voland, Don
Voltz, Gunter
Wagner, Richard & Bobbie 
Warner, Arthur 
West, Elwyn  
Wilbourne, Preston 
Williams, Rodney 
Wittman, Steve 
Wixom, Richard
Wolf, Fritz 
Wood, Charles
Wood, John
Wuilleumier, Louis
Zivko, Bill & Judy

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