• Flying for a Cause

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    Presentation of cash and food to Wausau's The Neighbors Place (TNP). (L/R) Tom Rau, Exec Dir, TNP, Bob Mohr, contest winner, Aidyn Laurynz, Director of Community Support and John Chmiel, Wausau Flying Service

    Presentation to The Neighbors Place (TNP). (L/R) Tom Rau (TNP), Bob Mohr, Aidyn Laurynz (TNP) and John Chmiel, Wausau Flying Service

    Pilots, and those studying to be pilots, fly for many different reasons. We fly to go somewhere, take someone somewhere, or take someone’s stuff somewhere. We fly for fun, for work and sometimes we fly just because we can. We also fly for training and proficiency. A dozen Wausau-area pilots took the training and proficiency reason for flying and added a cause. They flew to help a Wausau food pantry.

    Several pilots had gathered at the Wausau Downtown Airport (KAUW) and were talking about flying, as pilots are oft to do. The discussion drifted to flying proficiency and landing practice. Soon the discussion had become a brainstorming session on ways to combine fundraising and flying. Before long it was decided, a precision landing competition, “Landings for Lunches”, would be held. Competitors would pay a small entry fee and donate a food item for each spot landing attempt.

    Reaching out to local businesses, the pilots were able to multiply the collected funds and food stuffs. The following businesses sponsored the contest and contributed matching funds: Christian Family Medical Clinic, Kocourek Automotive Group, Philips 66, Wausau Flying Service, the City of Wausau, Security Realty, Mohr’s Automotive, First Impressions, Jones Cabinetry and Aircraft Maintenance of Wausau.

    Landings 4 Lunches contest winner Bob Mohr stands in front of his Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser

    Landings 4 Lunches contest winner Bob Mohr stands in front of his Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser

    The “Landings for Lunches” event was a precision landing competition, also known as spot landing contest. The pilot is challenged to have their main wheels touch down on, or as close as possible beyond a line across the runway. Landings short of the line, or more than 100 feet past the line, do not qualify. Wausau pilot Bob Mohr won the contest in his Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser. His landing was a scant 6 inches beyond the line.

    Held in May, more than $1000 in cash and food stuffs was presented to The Neighbors Place following the month-long contest. Plans are for another contest to be held next year. That means we pilots have a whole year to practice our landing skills before we too, can fly for a cause.

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