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Arthur Pratt ( A. P.) Warner brought Wisconsin into the age of aviation when on November 4, 1909 he flew his Warner Curtiss aircraft from the Morgan Farm in Beloit, Wisconsin. Though he had only intended to taxi the aircraft, (he had just reassembled it after shipment to him by train) Warner “unexpectedly took to the air…and the first thing he knew, he was flying.”

That was nearly 100 years ago. Today, the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame (WAHF) wants you to join the celebration of our state’s Centennial of Flight.

A. P. Warner - the man
A. P. Warner was the first individual to buy an airplane and the sixth person to fly in this country. Beyond these facts, who was A. P. Warner? Here, as Paul Harvey would say, is "the rest of the story."

Warner - Curtiss Aircraft
The airplane that Warner purchased was similar to the Curtiss Albany Flyer. Curtiss used that aircraft in a 150-mile flight from Albany, NY to Manhattan. No plans exist for the airplane Warner purchased. EAA Chapter 60 of Beloit, WI has agreed to build a 1/4 scale replica of the Warner-Curtiss aircraft

Statewide Displays The Warner Curtiss model was built to allow travel to a variety of aviation events throughout the celebration. Watch the centennial events page for a list of locations where you can view the display.

Along with the display, WAHF board members will travel throughout the state to share the story of A. P. Warner, Wisconsin’s first aviator and the first private individual in the United States to purchase an airplane. You’ll hear about his inspiration for purchasing and flying the aircraft, and the array of significant aviation contributions he made.

Centennial Events
Events across the state will culminate in Beloit on November 4 and 7. Discover where the display will visit before its return to Beloit on the Centennial of Flight Events page. The page also provides a look back of where the Warner-Curtiss has traveled throughout the past nine months. You will also find the schedule for the celebration's final events on Wednesday, November 4 and Saturday, November 7. Press releases provide additional details.

WAHF Membership Rewards Program If you’re a current WAHF member, you have several chances to be rewarded for your support. All current 2009 members are eligible for the prize drawing. We won’t announce the prizes yet, but take it from us, you’ll like them! To join or renew now, visit the membership page, print and fill out the membership application, and send it in. Stay tuned for additional information.

Want to become a Centennial of Flight supporter? Contact Michael Goc or Rose Dorcey (920-385-1483) to learn how you can support Wisconsin’s Centennial of Flight celebration.

AP Warner flies November 4, 1909
Warner Curtiss aeroplane, ca 1909
(photo courtesy WI State Historical Society)
Curtiss Model D plans cover sheet
Curtiss Model D plans provided by
Glenn Curtiss Museum
(submitted image)


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