Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame
2003 Induction Ceremony
Saturday, October 25, 2003

EAA Aviation Center
Oshkosh WI

5:30 PM Social Hour
6:30 PM Dinner
ceremony to follow

During the annual membership meeting it was announced that Bob Wylie, a WAHF director since 1998, was retiring from the board. Wylie, from Wausau, WI, chaired the Nominations/Selection Committee. During his tenure Bob singlehandedly reorganized nomination packages held by the organization. Bob is also the author of Wings North, a book on the Wausau area’s aviation history. With a debt of gratitude for all he’s done, the WAHF Board extends their sincere best wishes to Bob and his wife, Grace.

The Centennial of Flight, just weeks away, motivated the WAHF board to add to the annual ceremony. An event created to support the Carl E. Guell Memorial Scholarship, a silent auction, was a huge success in both participation and funds raised. Over $2000 was raised in less than an hour.

The second annual Carl E Guell scholarship was awarded to Maggie Flood, an Aviation Maintenance Technician student at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

A special guest, Charles Taylor II, great-grandson of Charles Taylor, joined us for the evening. The elder Taylor, sometimes referred to as the third Wright brother, was the Wright's mechanic. Our thanks to Charles for adding even more history to our event.

A reunion of past inductees included a record eight inductees who returned to the annual ceremony. A reception was followed by special introductions during the social hour. A display of induction plaques provided an area where returning inductees could meet banquet guests. Returning for the 2003 event were Paul Poberezny (86), Roy Shwery (92), Archie Henkelmann (94), Tim Hoeksema (96), Tom Poberezny (96), Preston Wilbourne (97), Bill Bordeleau (01), and Richard Knutson (02).

Michael Goc, WAHF Director, introduced Pioneer Inductees Thomas F. Hamilton and Melvin J. Thompson. Joel Thompson, represented the Thompson family. Michael then introduced Inductee Robert Goebel. Guy Wood then told the story of his father Inductee Charles W. Wood. Jeanne Robinson the introduced her mother Marie Schutte and grandfather Archie Towle. The multimedia portion of the ceremony had also been enhanced as part of the centennial celebration.

We want to thank all of our past inductees for their continued support of our organization's goals and their welcome given to this year's honorees.

Many more images and details of the 2003 Induction Ceremony are on the next page.


Keith Glasshof, WAHF President, congratulates Bob Wylie
WAHF President Keith Glasshof congratulates Bob Wylie (left)
(WAHF photo)
Roy Shwery in front of plaque display area
Inductee Roy Shwery in front of plaque display area
(WAHF photo)
2003 inductees and former WAHF inductees
2003 Hall of Fame Inductees joined by former inductees
(WAHF photo)


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