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October 21, 2005
Richard Knutson enters Vintage Aircraft Hall of Fame
Experimental Aircraft Association
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Richard Knutson, EAA member and long time WAHF member, was inducted into EAA's Vintage Aircraft Hall of Fame during ceremonies at the EAA AirVenture Museum on October 21, 2005. Knutson, from Lodi, Wisconsin, has been involved in aviation and aircraft restoration for more than 50 years.

Knutson has served as a judge at both EAA AirVenture Oshkosh and the “Sentimental Journey” Piper aircraft gathering at Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. He has also been a longtime advocate of welcoming youth into aviation and offering flights to young people.

Dick is the tenth person to be inducted into the Vintage Aircraft Hall of Fame, which was established in 1993. He was inducted into the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame in 2002.

Dick Knutson, Vintage Hall of Fame
Dick Knutson
2005 Vintage Aircraft Hall of Fame inductee
(Submitted photo)
July 29, 2005
WAHF Members Receive Awards
EAA AirVenture 2005
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation recognized two WAHF members during a ceremony at AirVenture 2005.

Bruce Botterman was presented with the 2005 Outstanding Achievement in Aviation Award. Bruce was recognized for his more than 40 years in the aviation maintenance industry. He and his wife, Rae, own NewView Technologies in Oshkosh. Bruce also served as president of the Wisconsin Aviation Trades Association for nine years.

Don Winkler has been the public affairs and media director at Wisconsin Aviation since 1998. He was presented with the 2005 Carl E. Guell Aviation Education Award. Don has shared his passion for aviation with thousands of school age children from throughout the Madison area. He is an Air Force veteran, former air traffic controller, and has served with the Civil Air Patrol for more than 30 years.

Congratulations Bruce and Don! All of us at WAHF are proud of your accomplishments and this latest recognition.

Bruce Botterman and Don Winkler 2005 award recipients
Bruce Botterman (l) and Don Winkler (r)
at AirVenture 2005
(Photo by Tom Thomas)
April 11, 2005
Syd Cohen earns Best Restored Classic Award
Sun 'n Fun 2005
Lakeland, Florida

Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame member/supporter Syd Cohen was recognized for his pristine Ercoupe 415-D, winning the Best Restored Classic (O - 100 horsepower) at Sun 'n Fun this year. Syd has owned the 1946 model aircraft for 23 years and his TLC really shows. Cohen serves on the board of directors of the Ercoupe Owners Club.

Besides membership in WAHF and the Ercoupe club, Syd is an active member of EAA Chapter 640. He has provided more than 600 Young Eagle flights, most of them in this airplane.

The airplane is based at the Wausau Downtown Airport (KAUW). His sharing of education, particularly aviation education, is a longtime effort, having been a school teacher in the Wausau School District. He won the Carl E. Guell Aviation Educator Award in 1994.

Read more about Syd and Ercoupes in the August 2005 issue of Private Pilot magazine and the June 17, 2005 issue of General Aviation News.

Syd Cohen's 1946 award-winning Ercoupe
Syd's award winning Ercoupe
(Submitted photo)

Syd Cohen with his Best Restored award received at the 2005 Sun 'n Fun
Syd Cohen with his 1946 Ercoupe
(Submitted photo)

March 26, 2005
History on Display
Morey Airplane Company
Middleton, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame (WAHF), as part of its mission to collect, preserve, and share Wisconsin aviation history, recently installed a display within the new Middleton Morey Airport (C29) terminal.

The display provides details and memorabilia on Wisconsin Central Airlines/North Central Airlines, Reeve Aleutian Airways, and background information on the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame.

WAHF President Rose Dorcey said, "I encourage everyone to visit the airport and examine the history display." The display will change periodically in an effort to share more of the organization's archive materials.

WAHF history display at Middleton - Morey Field
History display within Middleton Morey Airport (C29) terminal
(WAHF photo)

February 10, 2005
Gunter Voltz Inducted into Hall of Fame
Soaring Society of America
Ontario, California
Gunter Voltz has been soaring for the past 75 years. He has soloed more than 400 glider students and trained more than 30 CFIs in the fine art of glider instruction. Add the glider pilots that he continues to mentor to that total and it is not surprising that he was recently named to the Soaring Society of America's (SSA) Hall of Fame.

In addition to his instructor efforts, Gunter has served as the Midwest regional rep for the SSA organization and also served as chairman of its Youth Committee. During his tenure as chair, the percentage of youth membership in the organization reached an all time high. Gunter was also very active in Scouting's Explorer Program, leading an Aviation Explorer Post. At 88, he continues to instruct in gliders and airplanes. Gunter is an active member/supporter of the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame and attended the recent induction ceremony in Oshkosh.

Gunter and his family will be attending the Soaring Society of America's National Convention in Ontario, California. During ceremonies on Thursday, February 10, 2005, Gunter will be inducted into the organization's Hall of Fame.

Gunter Voltz, 2005 SSA Hall of Fame inductee
Gunter Voltz at EAA AirVenture 2004
(WAHF photo)
Duane Esse - Still Teaching
Waunakee Tribune
Waunakee, Wisconsin

Long time aviation educator, and we mean long - like nearly 40 years - is still teaching. Recently a physics class from nearby Waunakee High School dropped in at Duane's home to learn about flying.

The class learned about the four forces of flight and takeoff and landing performance. Duane lives at the Waunakee airport and so he had a good number of teaching aids close at hand.

Thanks, Duane, for continuing to share your knowledge and passion for all things aviation. How does that adage go? You may be able to take the teacher out of the classroom but you can never take the classroom out of the teacher.

Thanks also to Roger Hamilton and the Waunakee Tribune for allowing use of their images.

Waunakee High School physics students
Waunakee High School physics students.
(Submitted photo)

Duane Esse and Waunakee High School students
Duane sharing details of aircraft construction.
(Submitted photo)

September 18, 2004
Wisconsin Aero Director elected NASAO Chair
NASAO 2004 Annual Convention
Saint Paul, Minnesota
David M. Greene, Director of the Wisconsin DOT's Bureau of Aeronautics and WAHF Board Member, has been elected Chairman of the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO). His term will run through September 2005.

The role of Chairperson is the latest in five positions Greene has held since becoming a NASAO member in 2001. Previously he held regional director, secretary, treasurer, and vice chair positions.

As chair of the national organization, Greene has several responsibilities, including program oversight and representing the association in Washington DC.

Greene has been a WAHF member since 1994 and became a member of the board of directors that same year.

David Green, Director, Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics
David M Greene, Director,
 Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics
and current NASAO Chairman
(WAHF photo)

June 25, 2004
Thomas and Wambach fly Young Eagles
EAA Young Eagles Program
Madison, Wisconsin

Two WAHF members, Bill Wambach and Tom Thomas, were “in the spotlight” recently when they took part in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s PEOPLE program. The UW PEOPLE program encourages middle and high school-age students to continue their studies in the fields of aviation, rocketry, and space exploration. The Madison Times newspaper featured the program on the front page of its June 25 issue. Wambach and Thomas were recognized in the article for their efforts in giving Young Eagle flights to the participating students.

Using a UW-Flying Club Cessna 172, Wambach and Thomas flew the students as part of the three-week program. After spending an entire week learning about aviation, from aviation history to aerodynamics to aviation careers, the students flew over Madison, seeing sights such as the capitol, the UW-Madison campus, and the lakes surrounding the city. The pilots also explained the pre-flight process and parts of the airplane before departing on their flights.

Wambach, the UW-Flying Club’s Young Eagles Coordinator, said the UW-Flying Club has flown more than 3,200 Young Eagle flights. Wambach said, “I'm proud of the members of our club for responding when I'd make all the arrangements and ask them to do the flying.” Wambach received his pilot certificate in 1989, and has flown more than 450 Young Eagle flights himself.

Thomas, also a UW-Flying Club member and Young Eagle volunteer pilot, said that the greatest reward to him is the excitement the kids get out of the flights. “Thinking back in my younger years, how things impressed and motivated me in those early years of 'unknown' and learning, I'd have loved to have a similar opportunity. So now it's our turn to give these little treasures back to the young folks who will be running this place when we're in our rocking chairs."

Tom Thomas, Bill Wambach and UW People Program students
Tom Thomas, Bill Wambach and
UW people Program students.
(Submitted photo)
May 13, 2004
Wisconsin State Historical Society Honors Michael Goc
2004 Award of Merit
Madison, Wisconsin
The Wisconsin State Historical Society has named author Michael Goc as one of three recipients of its 2004 Book Awards of Merit for excellent scholarship in documenting and interpreting Wisconsin history. Wisconsin Historical Society President Patricia A. Boge presented the awards in ceremonies in Madison on Thursday, May 13.

Michael, of Friendship, was recognized for his Powder, People and Place: Badger Ordnance Works and the Sauk Prairie, the history of the Badger Army Ammunition Plant in Sauk County. The book traces the history of the facility and the site it occupies from prehistory and early settlement through the displacement of farmers to make way for the powder plant in the years leading up to World War II. The heavily illustrated book is carefully annotated with detailed notes, appendices, and bibliography documenting Goc's research.

Michael Goc second from right receives WHS 2004 Book Award of Merit
Michael Goc, second from right, receives award.
(WSHS photo)
January 22, 2004
WAHF Member Joe Norris Makes History
FAA Amateur Built - Designated Airworthiness Representative (AB-DAR)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Joe Norris, an EAA Senior Aviation Information Specialist, made aviation history today when he was designated as an Amateur Built Designated Airworthiness Representative (AB-DAR). Norris is the first Airworthiness Representative to be officially and fully authorized to perform homebuilt aircraft inspections on behalf of the FAA.

What does the designation mean and what does it take to become one? Through a recent telephone interview, Norris cheerfully answered those questions.

“The AB-DAR program is specifically designed to bring people from the amateur built community into the designated airworthiness representative system,” said Norris. “Inspectors who are very knowledgeable on homebuilt issues will now be available to those who need an airworthiness inspection.”

Having a homebuilt background is a must-have requirement to receive the designation. Among the requirements for AB-DAR applicants are having an A&P mechanic certification, and applicants must have built an airplane and flown it for at least 100 hours. Requirements that Joe had no trouble filling.

A former cranberry grower from Central Wisconsin, Joe began flying in 1978 and quickly moved through his ratings, becoming a commercial pilot and CFI in both airplanes and helicopters. He also earned an A&P mechanic certificate with inspection authorization. By 1997, Norris sold the cranberry business and went into aviation fulltime. He has built, flown, and sold a Sonerai II, restored a Piper Tri-Pacer, and is currently building a Great Lakes biplane. Norris owns two aircraft, a Cessna 180 and a Piper Super Cub. A charter member of EAA Chapter 706 in Wisconsin Rapids, he sees great things with the program.

“By June, we’ll have over 60 people with the AB-DAR authorizations, which is good news for amateur builders. They will benefit by the time and cost convenience of having more representatives with a background focused on homebuilts.”
Joe Norris, nation's first AB-DAR

Joe Norris, nation's first AB-DAR
(photo by Rose Dorcey)


Joe Norris in the left seat of the EAA's B-17
Joe Norris in the left seat of the EAA's B-17
(submitted photo)


December 17, 2003
Flying Doc Supports Wisconsin’s Aviation History
Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame
Middleton, Wisconsin
A flying physician from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, was the 100th person to join the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame during its 2003 “100 for 100” Membership Drive, which ended December 17, the centennial anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight.

Tim Wogahn, a family practice physician originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a private pilot who has been flying since 1999. He’s a one-third owner of a 1960 Beech Debonair, along with fellow physician Doug Galuk and Aviation Educator Dan Fara. Wogahn became part owner of the Debonair in September 2003 and has already logged more than 150 hours in it. Married to wife, Linda, and a father of three, the 300-hour pilot has made several trips throughout the Midwest, including, before its closure, Meigs Field on Chicago’s lakefront.

WAHF member Tom Voelker, yet another Wisconsin Rapids flying M.D., referred Wogahn to the organization. Wogahn said he didn’t hesitate to join the organization when Voelker mentioned the worthy programs the organization supports, such as a $1000 aviation scholarship. “I feel it’s important to support Wisconsin’s aviation history, and joining was a great way to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight,” said Wogahn.

Wogahn’s membership helped the organization reach its 2003 goal of 100 new member supporters by December 17. In the final days of the drive, the organization not only met but also exceeded its goal with 102 new members coming on board.

Tom Wogahn and wife Linda
Tim Wogahn and his wife Linda
(submitted photo)


WAHF member Tim Wogahn
Tim Wogahn pilot and WAHF member
(Submitted Photo)


October 26, 2003
2003 Induction Ceremony is "One of the Best"
Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Long-time WAHF member Bob Kunkel summed up the 2003 Induction Ceremony and Banquet perfectly, “I thought the 2003 banquet was the best induction banquet I've attended,” said Kunkel, “and I've been to most.”

We appreciate those words, Bob. The Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame’s Board of Directors made an extra effort to make the 2003 banquet extra special, in honor of the centennial anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first flights. Several factors contributed to a successful event, including an enhanced PowerPoint presentation during the awards ceremony, and a first-time silent auction that raised more than $2000 for our scholarship program.

But above anything else, the event was made special by the number of our previous year’s inductees who attended. Thanks to Paul Poberezny, Roy Shwery, Tom Poberezny, Archie Henkelmann, Richard Knutson, Tim Hoeksema, Bill Bordeleau, and Preston Wilbourne for attending. A special thank you goes to our 2003 Inductees Robert Goebel and Marie Schuette, the families of Melvin Thompson, Charles Wood, and Thomas Hamilton, and all who attended. We were honored to have all of you present. Visit the memories page to relive the evening.

Guy Wood accepts plaque for his father Charles Wood
Guy Wood accepts plaque for his father Charles Wood
(Rose Dorcey photo)
October 18, 2001
Dennis McCann recognizes Aviation Hall of Fame
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dennis McCann wrote about the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame and Wisconsin's rich aviation history in a front page article in the Clue section of today's paper.

Dennis wrote, "But planes would just be so much winged furniture without bold pilots to fly them. Among those in the Hall of Fame are Milwaukee's own Billy Mitchell, the champion of using aircraft in war, and Superior's Richard Bong, America's World War II 'Ace of Aces.'"

"And on a gentler note there is Libby Parod, longtime manager of the little airstrip in Cable, in Wisconsin's North Woods. Parod took over the airport after her husband died in 1959, doing everything from refueling airplanes to directing ground traffic and serving coffee and fresh-baked goodies to incoming pilots."

"Maybe a little more of Libby's touch would make flying more appealing today."

Thank you, Dennis, for a wonderful story about our organization and the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame inductees.



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