Scholarship Benefactors

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame (WAHF) has been able to not only provide two annual scholarships to date but, we have reached 75% of our first endowment goal. Each $1000 annual scholarship needs a $20,000 balance to be endowed. The ultimate goal for our scholarship program is to provide a total of four annual scholarships, one to each of the four Wisconsin technical colleges providing an aviation program. We can make it happen with your help. Remember, the WAHF is a 501(c)(3) organization and as such any donations you make are tax-deductible. Please consider making a donation and when you do use this donation form .

Donations may be anonymous or may be made in memorial to someone special to you. Donations in any amount will help us reach our goal and will provide for an even better future for aviation. Thank you for your consideration and your generosity!

Listed below, in alphabetical order, are individuals being memorialized by scholarship benefactors.
Irene Booth
Earl and Beverly Pingel
George Henderson

Earl and Beverly Pingel
Carl Guell
Elaine Drachenberg, Wilbert Hasse, Dr Jack Kirby, Charles Marotske, Earl and Bev Pingel, Edward Tuecke, Charles Waity and David Weiman.
James J Jobelius

Earl and Beverly Pingel
Claude Kazmarek

Earl and Beverly Pingel
Dr Edward F Leone

Earl and Beverly Pingel
Bernard Macklin
Earl and Beverly Pingel

Earl Pingel
Allis Chalmers Toastmasters, Gary Alvarado, Richard and Donna Arnold, Arthur and Ellen Baerman, Duane and Sandy Esse, Donald and Shirley Fell, Dorothy Heissner, James and Donna Kauper, Hildegard Kuse, Mildred I Kaczmarek,  M Lucille Neff, Philip and Anita Nickerson, Betty Ostram, Hubert Ponzi, G Kenneth Whyte, Donald and Yvonne Schroeder, Barbara Wagner, Margaret Wells and Shirley Zimmerman.
Anton Schultz
Joann Murphy

Edward Stauber

Earl and Beverly Pingel

Dr Leonard Szudy

Earl and Beverly Pingel
  Benefactor Recognition
The four benefactor levels, detailed below, indicate the total or cumulative amount given. 
Platinum Level Benefactor
(more than $2500)
Earl and Beverly Pingel
Platinum Medal
($1001 -  $2500)
George F Cudahy
Jerome Theissen

Gold Medal
( $501 -  $1000)
Keith and Gretchen Glasshof
Silver Medal
($101 - $500)
Captain Paul Cassiman
Rose Dorcey
Duane and Sandy Esse
Robert J Jones
Joann Murphy
Roland Solberg
Steven H. Stauber Foundation


Bronze Medal
(up to  $100)
Joseph M Abernathy
Allis Chalmers Toastmasters
Gary Alvarado
Richard and Donna Arnold
Arthur and Ellen Baerman
Elaine Drachenberg
Donald and Shirley Fell
Wilbert Hasse
Dorothy Heissner
John E Horn
Mildred I Kaczmarek
Anita M Kapp
James and Donna Kauper
LaFonda J Kinnaman

Dr Jack Kirby
Hildegard Kuse
William Lindsay
Charles Marotske
M Lucille Neff
Philip and Anita Nickerson
Betty Ostram
Hubert Ponzi
Donald and Yvonne Schroeder
Pat Schuetz
Judy Gail Smith
Roy K Stuart
Edward Tuecke
Barbara Wagner
Charles Waity

Kenneth Wallmeyer
David Weiman
Margaret Wells
G Kenneth Whyte
Shirley Zimmerman
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