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Welcome Squadron Leaders

Squadron Leaders are at the highest step in their aviation career.
Squadron Leaders are typically between the ages of 13 and 16.
Squadron Leaders may have spent some time as Junior Pilots or
Flight Leaders or they have joined up at this level.

Mission 1
Aviation Personality Report
Mission 2
Airport Report
Mission Briefing
Write a story on a local aviation pioneer or current aviation personality from your local airport. Research may include visits to the library, historical society or the person the story is about or their family and friends. Images, newspaper clippings, or other memorabilia would all make excellent additions.
Mission Briefing
Write a story using words or images telling the story of the development and or history of your local airport.
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Mission 3
Sign up for a Special Mission
Mission 4
Take a Flight
Mission Briefing
Become involved in aviation by becoming an EAA Young Eagle, Civil Air Patrol Cadet or earning Aviation or Space Exploration Merit Badges in the Boy Scouts.
Mission Briefing
Get your parents' permission and take an introductory flight lesson. After the lesson write a story about your experience for your school or your local newspaper.
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Mission 5
Aviation Speaker
Mission 6
Create a Display
Mission Briefing
Schedule, with support from your teacher, a speaker from the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame, the Wisconsin DOT Aeronautics or your local airport for a presentation on an aviation topic at your school.
Mission Briefing
Develop a display of aviation memorabilia for display in your school, local historical museum or airport. The display may include your artwork model airplanes, pictures of local aviation personalities, the local airport or a collage of aviation based headlines among many others. Use your imagination!

Inform the local newspaper of the display and invite them to take pictures or provide them an interview.

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Mission 7
Be a Mentor
Mission Briefing
Serve as a mentor to younger kids that want to build model airplanes or rockets . Answer their questions or lend a hand where needed. Be a Safety Officer at a rocket launch ask for adult help if needed.
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Recommended Reading
Squadron Leaders have to stay on top of things and reading is just part of their job duties. These books will provide an excellent foundation in things aeronautical.
Squadron Leaders may want to visit these Internet destinations.
Unlocking the Sky
By Seth Shulman

On Great White Wings - The Wright Brothers and the Race for Flight
By Fred E. C. Gulick

Young Eagles
The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) has given over 1,000,000 young people an airplane ride. Do you want to be next?

Civil Air Patrol
The Civil Air Patrol is an Air Force Auxiliary that has been involved with aviation education since its inception.

There are so many places to visit while at NASA it is hard to choose but this is a good starting point for you.

This page is the place to start to learn more about the FAA and its job possibilities as well as aviation education in general.

American Aces of World War II is a terrific web site to learn more about military aircraft, the pilots that flew them and much more. You'll also find data on much more than just World War II here.

Over the Front.com is a web site dedicated to World War I aviation. A good place to start your study of this part of aviation history.

The Aerodrome is another World War I web site.

The Internet Public Library is the place to learn more about writing papers -- term papers, research papers  all kinds of papers.

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History can be dull to some kids but we hope that these pages will provide teachers, parents and kids tools that will make history anything but dull.

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