The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 60 of Beloit, WI has agreed to partner with WAHF in the Wisconsin Centennial of Flight celebration. Chapter members are building a quarter-size model of the Warner-Curtiss aircraft.

Using plans for a 1911 Curtiss Model D aircraft as a basis, the finished model will be virtually identical to the Warner-Curtiss airplane. The airplane is being scratch-built, no pre-fabricated parts for these folks. The finished project will have a wingspan of more than 6 feet and nearly 8 feet long.

The building team recently shared that the greatest differences between the 1909 and 1911 aircraft are in the forward controls and attachment structure. The Warner-Curtiss engine was a Roberts 4-cylinder model. Most early Curtiss models were powered by an 8-cylinder engine designed by Curtiss.

The model will be unveiled at the 2009 Wisconsin Aviation Conference on May 4 - 6 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Plans call for the model to be permanently displayed in Beloit.

Read more about construction of the Warner-Curtiss model and view even more images at the Wisconsin aviation history blog.


Curtiss Model D Pusher aircraft
1911 Curtiss Model D Pusher
plans sheet 1
(submitted image)

Warner-Curtiss scale model being built
Roberts 4-cylinder engine model
(photo by EAA Chapter 60)

Warner-Curtiss airplane scale model being built
Additional completed parts for Warner-Curtiss one-quarter scale model
(photo by EAA Chapter 60)